Fall 2023

Spring 2022

The Wireless Integrated Systems and Extreme Circuits Group aims to develop tightly-coupled system solutions derived at the intersection of electronics with a specific focus on analog and radio frequency integrated circuits, security, digital signal processing, sensing and wireless communications for future energy-constrained applications. We develop unique application-driven system solutions that would not be possible through isolated investigation. Our approach highlights cross-layer optimization from circuits to protocols to drastically improve energy efficiency and obtain higher performance.

Best Research Demo Award

Arslan Riaz won the Best Research Demo Award at COMSNETS 2022. Congratulations Arslan!


Prof. Yazicigil's postdoctoral research work on ultra-fast bit-level frequency hopping for physical-layer security is featured on the front page of MIT News with additional press coverage on CNET, EurekAlert!, Engadget, ElectronicsWeekly.com, Hurriyet.

  • Spring 2022

    • Mandy and Elizabeth are selected for the SSCS "Next Gen Circuit Designer 2022 Workshop." Congratulations Mandy and Elizabeth!
    • Arslan and Timur won the IEEE SSCS "Student Travel Grant Award (STGA)" for attending the ISSCC conference. Congratulations Arslan and Timur!
    • Arslan will present his paper titled "Interleaved Noise Recycling using GRAND" at IEEE ICC 2022.
    • Jonathan received a UROP award. Congratulations Jonathan!
    • Timur will present his paper titled "Power-Efficient Hybrid MIMO Receiver with Task-Specific Beamforming using Low-Resolution ADCs" at IEEE ICASSP 2022. Congratulations Timur!
    • Arslan won the "Best Research Demo Award" for presenting live demo of the GRAND chip at COMSNETS 2022. Congratulations Arslan!
    • Arslan received the travel grant for attending COMSNETS 2022.
  • Fall 2021

    • Arslan will present the demo of the GRAND chip at 5G World Forum 2021.
    • Elizabeth and Jonathan received a UROP award. Congratulations Elizabeth and Jonathan!
    • Professor Yazicigil will present her invited paper titled "Multi-Code Multi-Rate Universal Maximum Likelihood Decoder using GRAND" at IEEE ESSCIRC 2021. This work is in collaboration with MIT and Maynooth University.
  • Spring 2021

    • Mandy will present her paper and poster titled “Zero-Crossing-Based Bio-Engineered Sensor” at the IEEE CICC 2021 and ISSCC 2021 Student Research Preview. This work is in collaboration with MIT. Congratulations Mandy!
    • Arslan and Vaibhav will present their poster and live demo titled “Universal Maximum Likelihood Decoder using Guessing Random Additive Noise Decoding (GRAND)” at the IEEE ISSCC 2021 Student Research Preview. This work is in collaboration with MIT and University of Maynooth in Ireland. Congratulations Arslan and Vaibhav!
    • Elizabeth received a UROP award. Congratulations Elizabeth!
  • Fall 2020

  • Spring 2020

  • Fall 2019

    • Our paper titled ” THzID: A 1.6mm2 Package-Less Cryptographic Identification Tag with Backscattering and Beam-Steering at 260GHz” has been accepted to the 2020 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Congratulations for the great teamwork with our collaborators at MIT and Analog Devices Incorporation.
    • Prof. Yazicigil will present a talk titled "Ingestible micro-bio-electronic-sensors for disease monitoring and diagnosis" at the Nature symposium in Madrid in February 2020.
    • Welcome Timur and Arslan.
    • Prof. Yazicigil's paper co-authored by Deepak Gopalan and Prof. Starobinski with the title of "Security Assessment of Wideband Spectrum Sensors" is accepted to 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySpan).
    • Prof. Yazicigil served as a panelist on NSF Workshop on security in RF/Analog Microelectronics and Electromagnetics in October 2019.
    • Elizabeth and Dylan received UROP awards. Congratulations!
  • Spring 2019

    • Mandy recently received the 2019 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium Ph.D. Student Sponsorship. Congratulations Mandy!
    • We are excited to welcome two new PhD students to the WISE-Circuit group. Timur Zirtiloglu and Arslan Riaz will be joining the lab in Fall 2019.
    • Dylan has been awarded a Joseph Healey Distinguished Fellowship for the summer of 2019. Congratulations Dylan!
    • Vaibhav and Dylan joined the WISE-Circuits group. Welcome Vaibhav and Dylan!
    • Prof. Yazicigil's IEEE Signal Processing Magazine article on taking compressive sensing to the hardware level is featured in the March 2019 issue.
    • Prof. Yazicigil gave an invited SystemX Seminar focusing on secure and spectrum-aware wireless communications at Stanford University.
    • Prof. Yazicigil served as the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2019 Student Research Preview (SRP) committee member and “Analog and Wireless Circuits” session co-chair.
    • Prof. Yazicigil served as a co-organizer of the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2019 Women in Circuits workshop. The 2019 workshop theme is “How to Save Lives with Circuits”.
  • Fall 2018

    • Prof. Yazicigil is invited to discuss hardware security research directions and cybersecurity challenges at Cyber Week, Tel Aviv University in June 2019.
    • Elizabeth joined the WISE-Circuits group. Welcome Elizabeth!
    • Mandy joined the WISE-Circuits group as the first Ph.D. student. Welcome Mandy!
    • Prof. Yazicigil started as an Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Boston University.